Year 7 Catch-Up Premium

Many of our Year 7 pupils have underachieved as a result of a range of SEMH barriers to learning such as anxiety, attachment disorder, social skills and ASC. A variety of social and demographic factors interact and contribute to underachievement. We receive £4,000 to support Year 7 catch-up. This does not meet the cost of our full range of interventions which total £7560.

  • We have identified transition as a key area to address as this can lead to and compound anxiety.  We work very closely with families especially those parents of under-achieving pupils. The transition programme includes:
    • Transition days
    • Summer club (Cost: £950)
    • Home visits from SENDCO or SENDCO assistant
    • Visits to feeder schools
    • Open days
    • Workshops for parents with Education Psychologist (Cost: £500)
  • Our Year 7 pupils attend weekly Social Skills workshops supporting friendship and communication (The Alex Kelly Talkabout Project) (Cost: £2,500/year).
  • Staff have been trained in the Fresh Start programme (Cost: £700 2 SLE days).
  • Lower attaining pupils in literacy are withdrawn for 1-1 intervention using the Fresh Start programme (Cost: £1240Staff + Fresh Start materials).
  • Lower attaining pupils in numeracy are withdrawn for 1-1 intervention using a bespoke programme, Ninja maths, developed by the Numeracy Lead (Cost: £1670).
  • • Pupils are assessed on entry and each term to track progress and review interventions

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